Empowering BUSINESSES for a Healthier, Sustainable World"


ConGen Management Pte Ltd champions inclusive global business development, magnifying opportunities to benefit businesses and improve lives worldwide. Led by visionaries Michael Angelo Genato and Armi Consunji-Genato, we are dedicated to fostering diverse collaborations that bridge cultures and markets.

Our goal is to weave global innovators with local brilliance, particularly across the dynamic landscapes of Southeast Asia.

Serving as a compassionate global conduit, we not only connect partners but also mentor, ensuring that innovative solutions find resonance in their intended markets. Our approach emphasizes adaptability, with an unwavering commitment to a sustainable, socially-responsible growth strategy that embraces all and leaves no one behind.

leadership team

Michael Angelo Genato

Founder and Group CEO

A visionary entrepreneur and dedicated health advocate, Mitch provides visionary leadership to the company. As the Group CEO of the ROMLAS Health Group, he brings a wealth of experience in healthcare innovation.



A multi-awarded communicator and fervent advocate for social impact, Armi lends her strategic insights and unwavering commitment to advancing positive change.


Managing Director, Singapore

After 21 years taking on different roles across the end-to-end value chain for one of the world’s biggest companies, VJ is tasked to establish operations and to drive the company forward.

Darwin Rodriguez

Head of ConGen, North America

A business and revenue operations expert with vast experience at Silicon Beach and Los Angeles' tech start-up industry, Darwin spearheads our North American operations, facilitating expansion into US and EU markets.


ConGen Management specializes in several key sectors, where our expertise and innovative solutions are reshaping the future.

Sustainable development

healthcare systems reimagination

We are committed to redefining healthcare systems by integrating advanced technology and pioneering solutions that enhance patient care, accessibility, and affordability.

energy sector advancement

Our focus in the energy sector includes the development of sustainable, efficient, and eco-friendly energy solutions to address global energy challenges.

infrastRUCTURE develOPMENT for sustainability

We engage in infrastructure projects that promote sustainability, encompassing transportation, utilities, and urban development, with a commitment to responsible growth.

minerals processing optimization

We work tirelessly to optimize minerals processing techniques, ensuring resource efficiency while minimizing environmental impact.

information technology excellence

Leveraging the transformative power of IT, we empower businesses with digital strategies that enhance efficiency and global competitiveness.

cybersecurity vigilance

In an increasingly interconnected world, we prioritize cybersecurity to safeguard critical data and infrastructure from emerging threats.

Renewable energy concept for Earth Day or World Environment Day. environmental protection Protecting the forest growing on the ground and the globe on the log with the light shining down.

At ConGen Management, we firmly believe that ethical practices and sustainability are essential components of responsible business. We actively incorporate these principles into our operations and advocate for initiatives that generate positive social and environmental impact. We are dedicated to being a catalyst for change that benefits both society and the planet.


“Are you a visionary founder? A changemaker?

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